Finding Your Event In the App

Pathable provides two kinds of apps:
  • "White Label" apps that appear in the app store and, once installed, on your phone with the name of the organization or event that they support
  • A "Container" app, called "Pathable EventConnect"
If your event is using a White Label app, you can search for it in the iOS or Google Play app stores. EventConnect, on the other hand, is a single app that contains the data for hundreds of events.

To access it, first find "Pathable EventConnect" in the iOS or Google Play App Store (use this link for Apple devices and this link for Android devices.)

Next, you should have received an email invitation with a link to access the app. Open that email on your mobile device and click the link. It will automatically open the EventConnect app, locate your event within the app and sign you in to your account.

If you can not locate the email or do not have access to it on your mobile device, you can also search for the event using the search box on the main EventConnect page.

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