Want to Meet

Want to Meet is a manual matchmaking feature which provides an opportunity for attendees to select other attendees and rank them in order of importance, for the purposes of behind-the-scenes private meeting creation.

·        Enable “Want to Meet” feature by selecting the checkbox in Settings>Calendar labeled “Display Want To Meet option” and selecting Save. 

·        Communicate a clear cutoff date to your attendees, after which point you will disable Want to Meet, and provide the users with instructions on how to use the feature.

After the cutoff date, create private meetings for the users as follows:
  • Management Dashboard
  • People > Attendees
  • Select the attendee from the list
  • Select Want to Meet tab

Meeting matches will be displayed in two tables: Attendees the user selected (User's Want to Meet), and other users who selected this attendee (People who have this user as their Want to Meet).  A label will indicate mutual matches on the right side of the table. 

  • Select Schedule button; the Private Meetings menu will open.  
  • Choose a time and place for these two people to meet, and include the purpose of the meeting in the Description field.  
  • Select Save Meeting or Save Meeting and Notify Attendees.  You may schedule the meeting without notifying the attendees, or make the meeting and send both attendees a message that it’s been scheduled.

Once the meeting is scheduled, return to the People menu to schedule to the next meeting for this user, or select the next user to begin creating meetings for them.

When you are finished with all meetings, or after the cutoff date, disable to “Want to Meet” feature by unchecking the checkbox in Settings>Calendar and selecting Save.  This change will remove the attendee’s ability to add others to their Want to Meet list and remove their access to their previously-created Want to Meet list.  It will not remove the Want to Meet data from the user profiles in the Host Tools Dashboard.



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