Logging In for the First Time

After you've registered for an event, you will receive an email inviting you to join the community (in most cases). This e-mail includes an
 authorization link that when clicked, will automatically log you into the community. When logging in for the first time:
  • You will be prompted to accept our Terms of Service Agreement
  • After you've accepted, you will be redirected to your profile page where you can add information or make changes.
  • Most importantly, you can set up your password so that you can easily log into the community from anywhere.
If you have not received your invitation e-mail or believe you accidentally deleted it, simply click the "Forgot Password" tab and enter your email address. The system will automatically resend you the authorization link.

If the system does not recognize your email address, make sure that you have registered for the event with the same email address you are trying to use. If you have registered for the event, and are still having trouble signing in, click the Support button on the sign-in page to get additional help.

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