Building your Profile

Your profile describes who you are to the community. Take the time to fill out your profile so that it not only reflects you, but has the necessary information that allows other attendees to use our search features to find you. 
  • Upload a photo of yourself so people can recognize you offline at the conference or event. It also helps people see you as a person instead of just a name on the screen.
    • Photos may be up to 2M in size and in JPG, GIF or PNG format.
  • "Networking Interests" or "Tags" are words or short phrases that describe you. They may be relevant to your area of expertise, things you're interested in professionally or personally, or topics you would like to learn more about. When people perform a "search" in the attendees or members list, they will be able to choose from the networking interests and tags that you and the rest of the community have added to their profiles. 
    • A good question to ask yourself is "if they were looking for someone like me, what would they be searching for?"
  • Links can be to any online presence you represent including your company's web site or blog, your personal web site, or your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.
  • Add your Twitter handle by including it in the links section with an @ in front of it (e.g., @pathable)
Note: You should have been given an opportunity to edit your profile when you first signed in. To change or edit your attendee details:
  • Select "My Account" in the upper right
  • Choose "Edit My Profile"
  • Use the tabs at the top to find the field you would like changed
  • Make your desired changes
  • Select Continue to Save 
For information on searching for users, see the Searching for Users article.

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