Starting a Public or Private Conversation

“Conversations” are a set of messages between attendees that can be either public or private:

  • public conversation can be seen by everyone in a group, everyone in a particular talk, or everyone at the event. Public conversations will be displayed under the “Discussions” tab. Public conversations will also be sent via e-mail to all conference attendees as part of a Daily Digest email that includes a short summary of the messages themselves.
  • private conversation can only be seen by one or more individual people included in the thread. In addition to being viewable on the site, recipients will receive email notifications when they have been sent a message in the community.
To start a new public conversation:
  • Select "Discussions" tab on the navigation bar
  • Choose "New"
  • Keep the "All" in the "To" field if you wish to message all attendees. Otherwise, remove it and type the name of the Groups and/or Tags you wish to message
  • Type your message
  • Click Send
To start a new private conversation:
  • Click "Inbox" on the navigation bar
  • Select "New"
  • Enter the name(s) of the recipients in the "To" field
  • Type your message
  • Click Send 
Note: Attendees can modify their personal settings so that they do not receive email notifications of new messages sent within the community system. This option is found in the "Permissions" tab under "Edit my profile."


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