Managing Contacts

Contacts are attendees of the event that you know or that you would like to bookmark for easy access. To add an attendee as a contact:
  • Select the "Attendees" or "Members" tab from the navigation bar
  • Use the search bar and/or tags to find attendees
  • Hover your mouse over the attendee to view the action bubble.
  • Click "Add Contact"
  • To remove them from your contacts, hover your mouse over their name again and select "Remove Contact".
You can also use your social networks to find people you may know. To do so:
  • Select "my account" in the upper right 
  • Choose "My Contacts"
  • Click "Find who you know."
*You can use your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to find contacts on this page by clicking the appropriate button and then entering your account information when prompted.

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