Scanning an Attendee QR code or Badge

As an exhibitor, you may be offered the ability to scan attendee QR codes or badges (i.e., "lead retrieval"). 

QR code scanning requires that you use the native mobile app. Not all Pathable sites have chosen to offer a native app. So if you have trouble finding it in the app store, check with your event host to find out whether it is an option for your event. Not all exhibiting companies will have purchased the lead retrieval option. If you are unsure whether your company has this privilege, please contact your event organizer.

Scanning an Attendee QR code
  • Using your iPhone, iPad or Android device, install the mobile app for the event from the app store
  • Launch the application
  • Click the menu icon in the upper right
  • Choose “Sign In” and enter your email address and password.
  • From the app home page, click Capture Leads
  • Point your phone’s camera at the attendee QR code 
  • Wait for confirmation
If you do not see a Capture Leads option: 

Are you signed in?
Click the menu icon in the upper right corner of the app and look for a "Sign In" option at the top. If there is no "Sign In" option, scroll to the bottom of page and click "View Profile" to verify that you are correctly signed in as yourself.

Have you been made “staff” on your company’s exhibitor listing?
To scan QR codes, you must have scanning privileges for your company's listing. Visit your company's landing page and ensure you are listed as "Staff". If you do not see yourself listed, contact your event organizer.

Are you using the app installed from the app store?
If you are viewing the site using your phone’s mobile web browser, QR code scanning is not available. It is only available on the "native" mobile app. Be sure to install from the app store and launch from your phone's home screen. 
See also Retrieving Leads

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