Retrieving Leads

Pathable offers exhibitors and sponsors the ability to collect leads through the in app "Request Information" button and via badge scanning.

To view the leads on your mobile device:
  • Sign in to the community
  • Click the View Leads button on the app’s home page.
To view leads on your desktop / laptop computer:
  • Log in to the community
  • Visit your company listing page under the "Exhibitors" or "Sponsors" tab
  • Select the View Leads button
"Passive Leads" are attendees who have viewed your company’s listing, but have not clicked the Request Information button nor had their badge scanned. They have not explicitly indicated an interest in follow-up.

"Inquiries" are attendees who’s badge you have scanned or who have clicked the Request Information button available on your exhibitor listing.

To see your list of leads, click the Download Leads button to download the leads as a spreadsheet.

See also Scanning an Attendee QR code or Badge

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