Editing Your Company's Landing Page

If you are added as an editor for an organization by the event host, you then have the ability to make changes to your company's landing page. To make edits:
  • Navigate to your company's landing page in the community using the "Sponsors" or "Exhibitors" tab.
  • Select the "Manage Organization" button.
    • Note: ​This button will only show if you have been set as an editor for your company page by the event host.
  • By default, you will be directed to the "Basics" tab where you can make changes to your company's name and description. You can also upload a new logo for your company by clicking the "Choose File" button.
  • Select the "Details" tab add links and tags to your company. 
  • Click the "Documents" tab to upload materials to your company's landing page using the "Choose File" button.
    • You can also use this page to manage or delete documents you have already uploaded.
  • Select the "Staff" tab to add or remove staff members to your company's page.
    • To add a staff member, click the "Add Staff" button and type the staff member's name in the text field provided. The system will display attendees who match the name you entered.
Note: You can also add more editors to your company's landing page by clicking the "Add Editor" button. Please note that any user you add as an editor to your company's page will be able to edit the organization as well.

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