Scheduling Private, One-on-One Meetings

To request a meeting with someone:

  • Visit the profile page of the person you would like to meet
  • Click the Request a Meeting option
  • If you would like to add additional people to the meeting, type their names into the "Attendees" field
  • You will see the schedule and free-busy time for you and the invitees on the right. Use your mouse to select a time that is mutually available.
  • Select or enter a Location for your meeting
  • Type "Subject" and "Description" for the meeting to give the invitees background on why you would like to meet
  • Click the Send Invitation button.

Your recipients will receive an email notification for the meeting with the option to accept or decline your request. You will receive an email notification when they have responded.

Note: Not all communities have the private meeting scheduling function enabled, and some communities choose to disable this functionality for certain classes of user. If you do not see the private meeting option on all or a particular person's profile, it has been disabled for your community or for that type of user.

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