Assistants are users who have been given permission by an attendee to manage their account for them. Assistants are not required to be attendees themselves. In the case in which they are not attendees, they do not appear in the attendee directory, although they will have their own accounts, with their own email address and password.

An attendee can manually confer assistant permission to another user by clicking Edit Profile -> Permissions 
and entering the name of the person they would like to confer access to in the appropriate box. Assistants may also be assigned automatically by the host through integration with the ticketing and registration service.

Assistants are provided a dashboard from which they can view a summary of meeting data regarding the people they are assisting, and providing access to the accounts of those people. To access the dashboard, click Manage Calendars
in the navigation bar and choose Assistant Dashboard. Note that this option will only be available to users who have one or more people for whom they have been given assistant status.

The dashboard gives an overview of the status of the private meeting schedule of the individual users:

  • Accepted by Recipient: Attendee sent the request and recipient accepted it
  • Declined by Recipient: Attendee sent the request and recipient declined it
  • Outstanding Requests: Attendee sent the request and one or more recipients have not responded 
  • Accepted by Attendee:  Attendee was sent the request and accepted it
  • Please RSVP: Attendee was sent the request and has not responded

Clicking a row in the Assistant Dashboard table will sign the assistant in as if they were the person they are assisting. Meetings requested or responded to, private or public messages sent, etc., behave as if the person assisted were performing the action. It is also possible for the assistant to edit the profile of the assisted individual from this point.

To return to the assistant dashboard and manage another user, click the "Managing..." option the navigation bar and click 


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