Moving your Schedule to your Outlook Calendar

There are two ways to import your agenda into Outlook: 
  1. Importing creates a one-time snapshot of your agenda and copies it into Outlook. If you subsequently make changes to your Pathable calendar, they will not be reflected in Outlook.
  2. Subscribing creates a live feed of your agenda in Outlook. Outlook checks for changes every few hours and updates your calendar appropriately. 
To import your calendar:
  • Select the *Schedule tab
  • ClickExport
  • Choose "Download My Agenda"
  • In Outlook, click File -> Open -> Import
  • Choose the .ics file type, find your saved .ics file in your Downloads folder and click next
To subscribe to your calendar:
  • Select the *Schedule tab
  • Click Export
  • Choose "Subscribe to My Agenda in Outlook"
  • Outlook should automatically open and create a calendar 
Note: When you import a calendar into Outlook, it becomes part of your main Outlook calendar. When you subscribe to a calendar, it becomes a separate calendar within Outlook, side-by-side with your main calendar. This separate calendar may not be sync'ed to your mobile device calendar.

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