Send a Message to a Fellow Community Member

For privacy reasons, attendee email addresses are not exposed within the Pathable community. However, you can still send private messages to your fellow community members. The easiest way to do so is to follow these steps:
  • Click the ‘Attendees’ tab
  • Hover your mouse over the name of the person you would like to message
  • Click Send a Message
  • Enter a subject and content of your message
  • Click Send
The attendee will receive an email notifying them of your message. If they respond, you will receive an email from notifying you of their response. Both email notification will come from the Pathable system. Keep in mind that some people modify their settings so that they do not receive email notifications of new messages sent from within the community system. 

Note: You can also click the Start a Conversation button on the attendee profile page to send a message.

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